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Made in Oregon

Epic Life Changes Ahead…what will it mean for the craft?

Posted on 2012.07.10 at 20:06
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Last month, in mid-June, life got interesting again when -- after two years of struggling to find another full-time teaching job -- I was finally offered a perfect job in a wonderful school for the 2012-13 school year! In Colorado. This was all good, for I had spent more than a year plotting and praying and planning for this to happen. Although I will soon be uprooted a distance of 1300 miles, and leave the west coast for the first time in, well, my whole life, I will be settling a stone's throw from my brother, his wife, and their adorable daughter. Additionally, my boyfriend is also coming along, as he is also an educator in the same subject area and age group as me. And, sadly, there are no jobs for educators in Oregon right now, especially for high school English language arts teachers!

Thus, life has kicked into high gear as of late. Fortunately, there were about 6 weeks to prepare for this epic shift. Moving plans have been going forward. A long distance housing search was made and a wonderful place has been secured. And through it all, I've continued to work my current job, which is 20 hours/week. I will actually be working up until 3 days before I leave for CO. So writing time has been hard to come by.

However, as much as I feel disconnected and sad and angst and anxious about this writer's block, there are signs of hope and life. On the plane to and from Colorado Springs last month, when I flew out for Father's Day weekend for an informal interview that led to the job, I was able to churn out a couple pages. Without Internet, cell phones (text messaging), and television, there was really nothing stopping me from getting stuff done. I was able to sink into the story, into the characters, without much of a problem. I was stressing out more about the anticipation of writing, but "letting go" let me get there.

And while this was about 3 weeks ago, I was able to get writing done today. I was feeling kind of spacy and disconnected most of the day, which is better than my brain going a million miles a minute in trying to make lists and worry about move-related things. So I was able to slip into things quite quickly and without much effort this afternoon and get a page made.

I still keep feeling this story might be gutted when it gets to a second incarnation. But if I can finish this first incarnation this calendar year, I'd be really happy!

I also find it interesting that the ability to write is still there -- it never left, though I've worried and fretted and feared it has a lot in the last couple years. My life has changed so much in so many ways in that time, though, that it is really unsurprising that my approach and my techniques to getting to "the zone" also will have to be modified. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to find the right method. It does seem that shutting myself down in terms of external distractions *cough* the Internet and Facebook *cough* do help to a great degree. So does feeling antisocial. :-)

My relationship with writing has also changed, which I've waxed on about in my personal blog. Namely, it used to be my escape hatch from reality, the method in which I coped with loneliness, isolation, and other negative aspects of life. Now, however, my life is much richer and I am not feeling a lot of that, so I have to approach the craft in a slightly different way and incorporate it into my life from another angle. (Or, as I said before, "What do you do when you're happy and satisfied with life? What do you write about then?" So many of my stories do have elements of unrequited love/affection to them because that was all I knew for so long. That is no longer true.)

Fingers still crossed that 2013 will mark the completion of PIT6.



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