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The New Normal

Posted on 2012.10.14 at 14:55
Feelin': busybusy
Hearin': April in Paris - Michel Legrand & His Orchastra
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Oh my my my, it's been a while since I updated!

Since my last entry in July, I embarked on a 1350 mile move, away from the west coast which has been my home forever to a small town in Colorado. There, I settled down with a full-time teaching job in a high school, which has kept me quite busy. Among the classes I teach is creative writing, which is pretty neat.

Amid all the chaos -- which, admittedly, is settling down now into a consistent routine -- I've neglected my writing TERRIBLY! My significant other keeps encouraging me to write; we even struck up a deal, whereas he gets up before 9 A.M. on days he doesn't have to work and I write a paragraph. Both of us have been lousy at keeping up our ends of the bargain.

The urge to write is there; I'm feeling stuff shifting inside, which I know will be good for the writing thing. I have writ a bit, too; it's not like it's been a barren desert of nothingness. It's just extremely slow going and I have to almost sit there and meditate for a few minutes to get back there.

The urge to write is there. I still need it in my life. But I'm still negotiating as to how it will fit in with the "new normal" that is my life now.

I still have a goal of finishing PIT6. I'd like to have Draft 1 done before 2013. That may be farfetched. But if I can actually create and STICK TO a system of writing routinely, it can certainly happen.

Hopefully I'll have more progressive news to report next time I post!

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