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Just a small update….

Posted on 2013.07.20 at 21:23
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Now that the busiest part of summer is past, I've been making a solid effort at getting back into writing. This basically means setting aside at least 1 hour/day for me and the laptop to go to town. I've had a setback or two with trying to wedge that in -- a couple of days, it was impossible to adhere to the structure -- but mostly this has been successful. In fact, on Day 2, I wrote almost two full pages in the hour, which was the most I put out in months!

PIT6 is actually 75% done…the first draft is, that is. This is a fact a lot of people don't know. (Writer's block only sunk its teeth into me in a big way about a year ago, and I am increasingly convinced a huge part of it had to do with the thyroid condition I was diagnosed with in early May. Particularly since a large portion of the block was due to numbing fatigue and an inability to focus.) If I can keep on making that hour a day a priority for the next month -- we've got about 4 weeks until the school year calls us back -- then it is possible I could have a first draft finally done by mid-August. (And then revisions would need to take place before it would be Beta-ready.)

It feels good to be wading back into this again, and I've really missed the time with Sam and Meg. Tomorrow I'm getting a jump on some preliminary research for PIT7 -- yes, I know when and where that story will go…most of the books are outlined in sketches of sorts for the entire series run -- and I should be getting more fun research for PIT6 squeezed in before school begins once more. I love hands-on research -- it's the best kind!


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