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Checking in

Posted on 2014.01.25 at 13:45
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Hearin': Listen to Your Friends - New Found Glory
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Hello -- I am still alive!

It's been a pretty ridiculous amount of time since I last updated. I apologize. Life has been crazy the last few months, and I'm once more in the thick of a school year. When that happens, any hope at writing tends to evaporate. I am trying to curtail that, however. For one thing, I'm the creative writing teacher at the high school where I work. I really should be setting a better example for the students as I walk them through the aspects of the craft. (Last semester, I had a huge class of 27; this semester is much more manageable with just 14 teens.) For another, I need writing for my own mental health. It's to a point now where I feel like I'm losing my touch...like a muscle that is no longer getting a workout and is starting to atrophy.

Other outside forces are conspiring to urge me as well. One of my current students decided to pick up my books at the school library and has pulled me aside a few times to ask me various questions (about PIT) and gaze at me in an different way that is NOT typical of most students who likely see me as "just an English teacher." (I do not make a secret of my "double life," but nor do I mention it a lot.) I need to continue these stories...for myself and for the others who invested time in reading them.

We'll see how the latest experiment and attempt goes. Maybe if I make it a 2014 resolution to finish a first draft, it can get done!


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