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Another summer....

Posted on 2014.05.26 at 13:38
Feelin': thoughtfulthoughtful
Hearin': Six Six Six - Say Anything
Summer Break is once more upon me...sort of. Normally, I'm filled with all sorts of delicious ideas on how to spend time now that school isn't taking up about 80% of my free time! However. I am almost certainly going to get a summer school gig that will take up the 4 weeks of June. Then, my husband and I are venturing on a 3.5 week road trip to the West Coast. So that leaves about 3 weeks after that before the clock resets and a new school year begins. So.

I do have some plans to try and obliterate the Writer's Block. One thing I want to do is actually sit down and reread all the PIT books. Shockingly, I rarely do this. Once I write something, it's like I lived it...I've "been there, done that." I find it incredibly hard to read something I've written once its published because, to me, it's done. There's nothing more I can do with it. I think I've read PITs 1 - 3 before post-publication...but I don't think I've done that with PIT4 and I KNOW I haven't done that with PIT5. So I'm hoping that "project" will help reignite my connection with the characters and the world of O'Hara, Ore.

I remain about 80% of the way through Draft 1 of PIT6. At this point, finishing it is the biggest goal I can hope for, let alone the plans for publication before, say, 2020. I cannot offer any guesstimations as to when that will happen.

Still here. Still hoping to write. We'll see what happens.

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