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June 25th, 2015

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Long Overdue Update: What has been happening in 2015?

Posted on 2015.06.25 at 14:36
Feelin': pensivepensive
Hearin': Baby babble
Another long gap without an update. I apologize. I do have a good reason, though; my husband and I had our first child in late March. I thought maybe maternity leave would give me time to write; I didn’t realize that both sleep dep and a newborn would combine forces to make that not happen. An unanticipated C-section (and the recovery that followed) didn’t help things, either. (I guess the pro is that I now have the firsthand experience in having surgery, as well as a baby…”research” complete on that front!) Finally, we also purchased and moved into our first home – and right after that, I went back to work to do a 4 week summer school stint to help make up for what I called the “maternity deficit.” (My job does not give me paid time off for maternity leave; after all the sick leave is cashed out, paychecks are just docked for all the days out. While it was pretty neat to get to “end” a school year at Spring Break, as the baby was due immediately after, the pocketbook was sad.)

Things have been quiet, then, on the writing front. However, in April I did start to reread the PIT books for the first time in aeons. (I think for PIT5 and PIT4…maybe even PIT3, it was the first time since they were published.) I’ve been pleased by how well they’ve held up so far. I get some weird memories, too – I remember writing a lot of that stuff, where I was in my life or whatnot. And yet there are swaths of prose and parts that I have no recollection at composing and am surprised by some of the developments with plot, etc. (Yes! You do forget after a while!) It’s also taken me since that time to get through the first 3 books. Again, free time is limited. I’d like to say that once I finish the rereading I’ll jump back into writing PIT6, but I have no idea if that will be the case. After summer school wraps (in two days), I will have 7 weeks left of summer break – which will also dovetail with my husband’s break as well. (He, too, is a high school English teacher; he’s been home caring for our son while I’ve been working this month.) We’re not doing any epic traveling in that time, but we will be hosting some houseguests and being at the beck and call of a baby, and that stuff takes priority.

I miss the characters, the world, and the act of writing itself. I just haven’t even attempted it in about a year with everything that’s happened. (A year ago I was wrapping up summer school; then had a 3.5 epic road trip; then started feeling “off” and found out I was pregnant; then the school year started up; etc.) I’m still trying to figure out how writing will fit into my life now. Everything really did kind of begin to grind to a halt 5 years ago, during the period where I lost my job, moved back home, met my husband, and started “living life” instead of living through my imagination. Escapism lost its appeal to me. (But, man, what a way to escape it was, and it was a form I embraced since the age of 9!)

I have fairly good intuition, and something tells me that writing and I aren’t quits forever. I need to be patient. My family certainly has been supportive of me, both with writing and my writer’s block. I suppose I simply need to feel inspired and need to sort of unplug from the day-to-day worries and demands to just let my imagination roam about. Perhaps part of that inspiration will happen with my son as he continues to grow and I witness childhood through his eyes.

In the meantime, the most writing I’ve been doing is blogging about once a week about my life. Which is better than nothing.

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