Partners in Time: The Series

A behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of a book/series

The "Partners in Time" Series
This journal is basically a forum for updates and news about the "Partners in Time" book series.

I, Kristen Sheley (the author/creator of the series), will be updating this with news and info when it is relevant. This place will be where you'll hear it or see it first -- including first looks at cover art, release dates for the book, even sneak peeks at some writing (which may include cut or alternate scenes). Take a glimpse at the madness of writing books and the highs and lows of an under-the-radar author's life.

Please note that the focus of this journal will be writing and the process of it; this is not going to be a personal forum journal, as I already have a separate, locked LJ for that. So if writing bores you, you may want to skip over this.

Also, feel free to field any questions to me on commenting, and I will try and respond in a timely manner. Thanks!